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Tucson, Arizona, USA



"I have been associated with Dena Baumgartner in the role as an Employee Assistance Provider for both 3M Company and for the past four years as the provider for Imation Corporation. My role for both 3M and later Imation, was to supervise the various functions of Employee Assistance such as Clinical Services and Management Consultation regarding dealing with individuals and groups with different levels of dysfunction, training, etc. Dena has always done an outstanding job with everything we ask her to do. She is an excellent clinician, trainer and advisor. When a decision was made to close the plant she served, Dena stepped in and was a key person in helping the employees deal with the loss of their job. She was extremely effective in coaching the Management team on how to make a difficult situation tolerable for everyone. She is one of the most outstanding EAP providers I have supervised in my 25 years in EAP management. I would be happy to recommend her to any company looking for EAP help and will discuss her capabilities with anyone who wishes to contact me."

Floyd Oursler, M.A., EAP Manager, Imation Corp.


"I cherish the opportunity to write about the influence Dena has had on me over the years. Dena has been my trainer, my role model, my supporter and cheerleader... to only mention a few roles. In 2003 I completed my certification in psychodrama with Dena as my primary trainer. I have never ceased being amazed at her knowledge, skills, service to the psychodrama community and commitment to helping her students and trainees reach their goals. The trainings and residentials that she has facilitated and offered are full of diversity, spontaneity, fun, laughter, community and growth. Working with Dena over the years has been truly magical - and a real gift in my life."

Jane Austin, C.P., LCSW

"In my 10 years of training with Dena she has never failed to challenge and inspire me. Her spiritual attunement is complimented by a commitment to professionalism and on-going training and education. As a result of our work together my creativity and spontaneity have expanded substantially in both professional and personal domains."

Eugenia Woods, CISW

"Dena is a sensitive teacher/therapist/counsellor/psychodramatist. Her vibrant spirit and solid wisdom help a student or client feel both supported and safe. She gives me confidence to take charge of my own process."

Charles Schnarr

"Dena masterfully weaves humor, spirituality, spontaneity and expertise in psychodrama and group psychotherapy to create safety and an incredible healing experience. I have been working with Dena for a long time and have grown tremendously from her wisdom and skill."

Adena Bank Lees